How To Replace A Refrigerator Gasket

29 October 2015
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If your refrigerator leaks, the gasket could be the culprit. A gasket is a strip on the door that forms a tight seal to keep cold air inside. When the gasket breaks, you refrigerator has to burn extra energy, which is similar to leaving the window open while running an air conditioner. Here are some tips to replace a refrigerator gasket. Check the Gasket for Tightness For this project you need weatherstripping, petroleum jelly, dish soap, a crisp dollar bill or newspaper, a hair dryer, a door gasket, and a hex-head screwdriver. Read More 

Steps to Confirm Your Air Conditioning Ducts Need to Be Cleaned

18 August 2015
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The air conditioning system inside your home uses ducts to distribute the cooled or heated air needed to make the temperature inside your home more comfortable. However, if the ducts become dirty, the quality of the air can suffer. In addition, clogged ducts can lower the efficiency of your heating and air system, resulting in higher utility bills and less comfort inside your home. A deep duct cleaning can only be performed by a professional. Read More 

Four Reasons To Get A Full House Appliance Service Warranty

8 July 2015
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If you've recently moved into a new home -- or if you know that your current appliances are outside of their own warranties -- you might want to consider getting a full house appliance warranty. These warranties generally cover all the major appliances in your home, from your microwave to your washer and dryer, and are usually paid for through a monthly fee. 1. You're Guaranteed Quick Service With a warranty, you're generally guaranteed service within a specific time period -- and the servicing is usually available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Read More 

Bad-Tasting Ice Cubes? Causes And Solutions For Your Fridge’s Ice Maker

27 May 2015
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Have you ever noticed that your ice tastes bad? To some, it may sound silly, but it is possible for your ice maker to produce ice cubes that don't taste the greatest. There are many reasons for this, as outlined below with solution tips for each potential cause. Your Ice Cubes May Be Old. Unless you have it set otherwise, your ice maker will continue to produce ice cubes constantly. If you don't use these ice cubes as they are produced, they will eventually become stale. Read More 

4 Reasons You’re Getting Funny Tasting And Smelling Ice Cubes From The Icemaker

22 April 2015
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Ice that tastes bad or has a smell to it can quickly sour drinks. In some instances, bad ice can be traced to problems with the ice maker in your refrigerator or other environmental factors. Here are some troubleshooting steps to help you determine what is causing your bad ice. Water Filtration System Filter The water filtration system is responsible for filtering the water that is used to make the ice. Read More